We've seen countless new years resolutions to lose weight or to get 'shredded' and so we're constantly asked, what's the best supplement to burn fat? Like everybody else, you want to lose weight and/or fat and you want a fat burning supplement to assist your hard efforts in the gym! You're probably overwhelmed by the amount of of fat burners to choose from, the promises on each label, and words like "fat metabolisers", "thermogenic", "appetite suppressants" and "carb blockers". With such a diverse range of products and categories of fat burners, it's no surprise people are so overwhelmed they end up giving up. In this article we talk about the different types of fat burners, and recommend the best fat burning supplements available to help you hit your goal and also include some pointers on how to best use them for best results. Don't forget to keep your protein levels up to avoid losing muscle.
Shred FX By Genetix Nutrition
Shred FX By Genetix Nutrition
Garcinia Cambogia By Labrada Nutrition
Garcinia Cambogia By Labrada Nutrition
Acetyl L-Carnitine Fat Loss
Acetyl L-Carnitine Fat Loss
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The best types of fat burning supplements

With all the products on the market there are three types of fat burning supplements you need to know about. All of these have been proven to work effectively so choosing the right type of product depends on your goals and what you think will fit best in to your life.

Thermogenic Fat Burners

These are the most popular types of weight loss supplements because they are fast and efficient. They work by slightly increasing the body metabolism so that you burn more calories even at rest which leads to a leaner body. These products promote healthy weight loss by controlling your appetite, increasing energy, burning fat fast and boosting metabolism.

Carb Blockers

These types of fat loss products are great to use either on their own, or in conjunction with a thermogenic fat burner. Use these to counter-act the effects of high calorie foods - especially effective during times when you have had a bit too much high carb or high fat foods. The blend of ingredients in these products inhibit the enzymes responsible for carbohydrate and fat digestion.


L-carnitine is a very widely used supplement that is used for burning fat, improving energy levels, and resisting muscle fatigue. L-carnitine also helps to build muscle. The secondary effect of this product is it's ability to reduce feelings of hunger and weakness which helps dieting.

The Top 3 Products

  • 2eaa3f8893f92779111af341687b4fc6 Shred FX By Genetix Nutrition - Shred FX by Genetic Nutrition is highly effective in enhancing your performance, boosting stamina, improving strength and burning fat. It is a Thermogenic fat burner with an advanced blend to include several other key fat burning supplements which makes it the go-to product for fat loss right now.  It’s fat burning formula includes L-Carnitine which is very [...]
  • 9644f209bfc14eab4ed0598a457c8485 Garcinia Cambogia By Labrada Nutrition - Garcinia Cambogia is extremely popular right now due to its demonstrated effectiveness as a fat buster and appetite suppressant. It’s key ingredient, hydoxycitric acid is a natural supplement that helps to control emotional eating and prevents the body from storing fat. It works to prevent cravings for sugar and carbohydrates, while also blocking the process which [...]
  • b94a7ff139c380f0a72bbd95cbef5524 Acetyl L-Carnitine Fat Loss - Genetix Nutritions L-Carnitine supplement improves your mood, gives you a boost in energy and in exercise performance, and as a result you lose weight by burning calories. Aside from this, the product has a unique ability to utilise and burn the bodys stored fat to allow you to shed the fat while keeping the lean [...]
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