We all have to face the inevitable at some point in our lives, when it comes to our hair. It’s those two little words that we all dread hearing. Yes, you guessed it – Hair Loss.

For many of us it’s the natural course of life, while for others we may be stressed or suffering from something else but there’s always a silver lining to every dark cloud and, in this case, our silver lining just happens to come in the form of hair growth supplements.

What are Hair Growth Supplements?

Basically, hair growth supplements are vitamins or natural concoctions that we take in to remedy loss of hair. Hair growth supplements come in many forms – tablet, pill or liquid – and they usually have numerous benefits that are targeted to much more than getting a full head of healthy hair.

Benefits of Hair Growth Supplements

Most hair growth supplements have other benefits aside from the obvious of making your hair grow faster and healthier. Here are a few of them:

  • They can make nails grow faster and stronger.
  • They can improve overall nutrition which can result in a healthier state for our body.
  • Some hair growth supplements contain magnesium which can help relax muscles. Taking it before bed time can help you sleep better.
  • They can also address certain skin issues and improve skin condition.
  • Some hair growth supplements can help prevent hairs from turning grey.

Because hair growth supplements contain several vitamins and nutrients that our body may be lacking, you can expect to see or even feel other “non-hair” benefits especially on your nails and on your skin.

What causes hair loss in the first place and why do hair growth supplements work so well?

Now that we know some of the benefits we can get from hair growth supplements, we should take a look at what causes our hair loss in the first place. There are a number of factors but (surprise, surprise) the most common cause of hair loss is: poor nutrition. It’s not the number one cause but poor nutrition certainly plays a major role in the scheme of things.

Coming in at a close runner up are underlying diseases, stress, too much styling, hormonal changes, poor hair care and heredity but it’s no surprise that most people experience hair loss because they’re not eating right or they’re body is lacking certain vitamins and minerals and this is where hair growth supplements come in.

Best 3 hair growth supplements of 2015

Biotin 3mg by Herbs of Gold
Biotin 3mg by Herbs of Gold
Nature’s Own Super B Complex
Nature’s Own Super B Complex
Viviscal – Hair Growth Program
Viviscal – Hair Growth Program
Overall Rating98%96%94%
PriceBest ValueGood ValueGood Value
PurposesHair growth | Hair healthHair growth | Skin healthHair growth | Hair health
Official Website

More Information on these products

The hair experts know best! The above mentioned hair growth supplements are what they recommend to their clients and, guess what, they’ve seen the results themselves which encourages them to recommend the supplements to others (lucky us) but for knowledge sake, here’s more information on the hair growth supplements mentioned:

  • viviscalesproductshotb_2 Viviscal – Hair Growth Program - Viviscal helps lengthen the time the hair stays on its active phase. This supplement nourishes hair in 4 stages: It starts from within the hair follicles – nourishing them. It helps strengthen and promote the growth of existing hair. Activates the growth of hair that has slowed or stopped. You’ll notice changes in your hair’s vibrancy, health and strength.
  • prod_24594 Biotin 3mg by Herbs of Gold - Biotin is sometimes referred to as the “hair vitamin” and is mostly the supplement of choice when it comes to hair loss. It’s also one of the B-complex vitamins. Normally, biotin is naturally produced by our body and we can also get it in our diet. Having not enough amounts of it in our body [...]
  • natures own b complex Nature’s Own Super B Complex - These vitamins are essential for optimal health in every person. They pose a minimal risk of toxicity since they are water-soluble. They play various roles in helping our body achieve a healthier state but its plays a particularily major role in hair growth as it’s required for the growth and development of the superficial layers [...]

Experts’ Round-up Advice on Hair Growth Supplements

First off, there are several choices in the market but there are those that really stand out from the crowd according to the experts. Here’s the evidence to back up our product choices above.

The Expert The Advice The Benefit The Source
Mark Townsend Hairstylist “Biotin is amazing for the hair and nails.”
  • Strengthen hair and nails
  • Improve skin condition
  • Help in weight loss
  • Help lower cholesterol
Harper’s Bazaar
Edgar ParraStylist  "There are the common Rogaine and Viviscal hair supplements, which are formulated to promote hair growth,"
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Helps grow hair faster
  • Improves hair texture
Refinery 29
Kimberly Snyder Nutritionist Daily doses of a B-complex vitamin “helps strengthen the hair and nails,” she says.
  • For shinier and stronger hair
  • Healthier scalp as well as strands
  • Promotes hair growth
Harper’s Bazaar

Final Tip for Choosing Hair Growth Supplements

In order for you to know the types of supplement is best for you, you have to first identify what causes your hair to fall out. Taking supplements on your own is a good start, but the better decision would be to seek help from a trained professional who can help assess the cause of your hair loss and advise the best possible course of action.