weight-lossNow, before we even begin to get into what those five are, rest assured that the list of best ways to shed the pounds is a lot longer than that.  Why is that you ask?  Well, for one, regardless of what is written here, there are plenty of folks around who will swear that other “best” methods worked better for them than what this article will say.  And second, what works for one person may not exactly do the trick for the next dieter.  That said, let’s begin.

The first thing most people think of when looking for best methods of weight loss are something nutrition related. Many people swear by the positive effects of weight loss supplements. This is true, but you must also combine it with activity.  You must get up and move around, preferably at a brisk pace.  And this must be done at least four to five times a week for a total of 30 minutes or so.  This will ensure that whatever nutritional regime you decide upon the calories consumed will be getting burned off, resulting in your desired weight loss.

Water, water, water.  It goes without saying that water is a staple of any weight loss regimen.  What you want to do here is drink water in at least 16 ounce increments prior to all of your meals, morning noon and night.  This will help you to feel somewhat full before you even start consuming your food.  And the really neat thing as that good old H2O has absolutely zero calories.

Next up is to stay up way from any beverages that contain sugar.  This includes sodas, regardless of what flavor they are, energy drinks and boosters, and any fruit drinks that contain high fructose corn syrup.  We won’t even go into the dangers associated with HFCS.  That’s another article for another day.  Not only does sugar make people fat, it also puts a drag on your metabolism, with the result usually being that you wind up craving even more sugar.

Stay away from fried foods like the plague.  Sure, they taste great (most of the time) but there is a really bad downside to them.  Some of the top culprits are bacon, sausage, burgers that have been fried, French fries and things like wieners, links and the like.  Oh yeah, and of course fried chicken.  Instead of having these things in fried form, try having them grilled, boiled or steamed.  And whenever possible, add spice as the capsaicin in it really revs up the metabolism.

These last two tips are actually the fifth and sixth, but hey, who’s counting?  Keep away from salty foods as much as possible.  They are every bit as bad as fried food and sugar products because of their high sodium content.  And lastly, slow down the pace when you eat.  It is a proven fact that when you chew your food slower, in addition to appreciating the taste of it more, you also get full faster.

And remember, in order to successfully lose weight, you must combine brisk physical exercise with a sound nutritional regimen.  You can’t do one and not the other if you hope to shed those unwanted pounds.  Best of luck in your weight loss efforts.